Litigation (Real Property and Probate)

Real Property Litigation

We provide counsel in connection with a variety of matters involving land use and property rights. We have effectively and efficiently assisted clients with disputes between neighbors and other third parties involving boundary lines and other types of encroachments and land use disagreements. Most cases can be resolved through a skilled negotiation process. However, if necessary, we will provide experienced advocacy in court. Our attorneys have frequently represented parties in petitions to partition involving disputes related to title to real property. These matters usually involve close family members or unmarried cohabitants and require sensitive negotiations. We have the experience and skills necessary to efficiently bring these cases to a favorable resolution. Notable Cases: Lawrence v. Town of Concord, 439 Mass. 413 (2003)

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling complex property related issues in Land Court and Superior Court including the following:

Probate Litigation

With respect to these types of cases, our litigators collaborate with the firm’s experienced trust and estates team in order to provide the most effective and knowledgeable counsel. We are sensitive to the difficult issues that arise in these matters. Our attorneys have assisted clients through cases which involve fiduciaries who fail to meet their trust or estate obligations, matters involving testators who were the subject of unlawful influences, or wills that do not provide for beneficiaries as expected.

Our attorneys will ably and efficiently manage these cases through evaluation, negotiation, settlement, and trial if necessary.

We provide assistance with probate/estate related disputes involving: