Real Estate

Real Estate Law

At the law firm of McWalter|Boisvert Law we have extensive experience in the representation Buyers and Sellers of real estate.

Over the years, we have assisted Buyers, Sellers, Builders, Developers and Lenders in all areas of real estate in every county in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A real estate purchase is likely to be one of your largest investments and should not be undertaken without expert legal advice. The impact of even a minor misstep can have overreaching future consequences. We provide the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the transaction expertly.

We effectively represent clients in every stage of the buying and selling process and have a vast amount of knowledge of Acton, Concord and the surrounding communities.


Our goal when representing Buyers of real estate is to educate and protect our clients throughout the process including review of offers, negotiation of purchase and sale agreements, securing of title insurance, providing advice and interpretation of complex documentation, and attendance at closings. We communicate clearly with our clients at every stage of the process, answering questions, advising of options, and ensuring that our clients are comfortable with the end contract they will be signing. Prior to final execution, we review the closing documents with our clients in detail, answering all questions, explaining legal requirements, as well as giving practical advice on the new home they are purchasing. Our goal in representing Buyers is to provide exceptional detailed representation and to ease the anxieties that may come with the home-buying process. Constant and clear communication with our clients is the key to our goal.


We will expertly negotiate the terms with Buyer’s counsel by recognizing and eliminating burdensome language, accepting customary terms that do not create future liabilities for our clients, and adding further protections. We communicate clearly with our clients, answering questions, giving legal and practical advice, and making sure our clients are comfortable with the end contract they sign. After a mutually agreeable P&S is signed, we are available to give further legal and practical advice on the next steps in the sale process. We prepare the new Deed to the Buyer and attend the closing with our clients, reviewing the multitude of additional documents Sellers are required or requested to sign at closing. We also offer the option to our clients, at no additional cost, to attend the closing under a Power of Attorney so that our clients need not attend.

With our vast experience in representing Sellers of real estate, we are able to successfully protect our clients in the negotiation of effective Purchase and Sale Agreements.


Financing or refinancing a real estate transaction is a complex process. We will provide effective advice and communication from the start of the process through closing. Our goal is to work with the mortgage lenders to ensure a timely closing and assist our clients with all aspects of the financing/refinancing. We aim to have clients who are satisfied.